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Products > Modular Remote Telemetry Units - RTU's

Applitech is pleased to present our latest advancement in digital RTU Technology; our “Satellite” Series of high-speed Remote Terminal Units (RTU’s).  Our new Satellite modular RTU’s have been designed to meet any customer’s requirements for advanced remote control and monitoring capabilities.  In order to maximize your RTU investment, this modular product line can be configured with all standard network communication protocols; including high-speed Wireless & Fiberoptic Ethernet, DNP3.0, industrial radio transceivers/repeaters (for both licensed RF frequencies or spread spectrum applications), dial-up/leased telephone line modems, and RS232/RS422/RS485 serial ports.

Our standard “Satellite” RTU product family utilizes the complete line of high reliability, industrial PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers) as their central processing unit (CPU).  The PLC was fully integrated into our RTU product line because of five major factors:

  • Our industrial PLC’s support all industry standard communications protocols including i.e. serial Modbus, Modbus Plus, DNP3.0, FIP, Interbus S, Profibus and most importantly Modbus Ethernet amongst others
  • Our industrial PLC’s have established programming standards that require any one of three different programming platforms to be used on their smallest to their largest PLC processor.  We currently offer an advanced IEC 61131-3 compliant programmer; a standard 984 ladder logic programmer; and a multi-vendor software package ProWORX NxT
  • Our RTU product line has been engineered for high reliability and outstanding performance in even the most adverse environmental situations; which include marine (moisture/salt), desert (heat/dust), and other isolated extremely harsh installations
  • In SCADA & industrial control applications, our PLC’s provide an open development architecture for future system integration with the best performance to price ratio compared with any of its competition

Applitech’s 20 years of SCADA system design and installation experience has been incorporated into the “Satellite” RTU product family, which has been optimized to perform in a wide variety of applications.  Although our primary customer base consists of the electrical/gas utilities, water/wastewater treatment, energy management, oil/gas production & distribution, and large industrial sites; our flexible RTU system design can be successfully used for any type of remote monitoring/control requirement. 

To provide the most cost-effective solution for all of our customers’ needs we are pleased to offer three following “SATELLITE ” RTU models:

  1. The “PIONEER” RTU Family – For small to mid-sized SCADA applications
  2. The “MARINAR” RTU Family – For mid-size SCADA applications & severe environmental conditions
  3. The “VOYAGER” RTU Family – A flagship product for your largest SCADA applications


Modular RTU's

The "PIONEER" RTU Family
The "MARINER" RTU Family
The "VOYAGER" RTU Family