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The “Pioneer” RTU Family

The most versatile, low-cost solution in Applitech’s modular “Satellite” RTU line is the “Pioneer” series.  Based on the small footprint and open architecture, our system engineers have fully integrated a powerful processor with all of the peripheral communications and data collection interfaces required to support a wide range of applications.  For electrical distribution systems, our “Pioneer” RTU’s typically incorporates electronic power monitoring equipment; such as that manufactured by PML, Square D, GE or others.  To support the water/wastewater treatment industry, Applitech has developed a turn-key pump automation software package for sewer lift and water pumping stations, known as “Pump-Smart”.  Our “Pump-Smart” software permits the end-customer to easily configure their SCADA application to support up to four constant speed or VFD drive pumps for any size wetwell, including a wide variety of typical alarm conditions; such as high motor temperature, intrusion, fire, high/low levels, low station temperature, seal water failure, etc.

The RTU has components that are small, cost-effective products, including CPU processors, communications adaptors, specialty option modules, real-time clock with battery backup, and an extensive range of I/O modules.  The modular design provides our customers with the flexibility to create a system that meets their current needs, while providing the adaptability to install additional functions and protect against future obsolescence.  Almost all of the PLC equipment is UL, CSA, and CE approved; however if a special application requires explosion-proof capabilities; customized RTU enclosures and purged system accessories can be provided on special request. 

It is important to mention that our “Satellite” RTU systems are not only designed for long distance SCADA applications; with intelligent local processors.  All of our RTU products are also designed to function as distributed, remote I/O cabinets for those applications with large centralized processors.  In this Distributed Control System (DCS) application, our “Satellite” RTU’s can be provided with a remote I/O interface module to replace their local CPU processors. 

A key feature of all “Satellite” RTU’s is their Ethernet communications capability, which delivers all the performance benefits of real-time control and supports a wide range of functions over any standard Ethernet network installation, including data acquisition, peer-to-peer data transfer, I/O scanning and high-speed wireless communications. Another key feature of our Ethernet equipped “Pioneer” RTU is that the processor is delivered pre-configured with 5 embedded web pages that use a standard web browser to read equipment status and diagnostic information.

Enclosure design for all of our RTU product line is completely dictated by the specific customer’s requirements.  Each customer can specify the enclosure type required;  NEMA 1,  3R, 4, 4X, 6, 12, 13 or the equivalent IP ratings 23, 64, 65, 66, & 67; as well as the materials of construction; steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or fiberglass.  Also, if required for explosion-proof applications a purged RTU enclosure can be provided to meet your NFPA restrictions.

Although, each SCADA application is individually configured, as a general guideline the “Pioneer” is typically recommended for installations requiring less that 256 I/O points per RTU and environments that do not require extended temperature operation (greater than 40 Deg.C) or where high-humidity conformal coating is necessary.   For these types of applications we offer our workhorse solution the “Mariner” RTU series.



Modular RTU's

The "PIONEER" RTU Family
The "MARINER" RTU Family
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