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Milk Collection and Management System (MCMS)

is a comprehensive, affordable, and full-featured milk collection solution that enables the dairy industry to completely automate their milk collection activities including collection of milk at various locations and online weight and fat measuring functions. An integrated Milk Collection Management Solution, it enhances the operational efficiency of the entire supply chain of the milk collection system by integrating every functional area of the dairy co-operatives milk collection system including remote chilling centers - across all locations.

The MCMS Software has feature-rich, exclusive modules for:

  1. Receiving Milk from Societies/Chilling Centers along with online weight measurement
  2. Online Testing of the Milk
  3. Society Billing
  4. Adjust Society Accounts against the Material Issue
  5. Adjust Society Accounts against Animal Husbandry Services
  6. Other Debit/Credit transactions for Societies  like: Claims for poor quality of milk, Rate difference & Internal cartage

MCMS Modules: A brief introduction to each of the MCMS modules:

  1. Information for Society, Route, Transporter & Route CAN service can be entered via this module
  2. Module can be used at dairy in conjunction with all remote chilling center locations
  3. Shift wise Milk Collection data can be entered (Morning & Evening)
  4. Milk collection cycle covers standard transactions like Shift Start, Gate Entry, Route reporting & Milk Collection at the Dock
  5. Milk collection at Dock supports automatic online capturing of weight & manual weight measurement entry
  6. Auto generates sample number for each milk collection record.

Milk Collection Reports
The milk collection module has the following in-built standard reports:

  • Route’s Vehicle In/Out Register
  • Tankers from CC Gate Entry Report
  • Route Report Information
  • Milk Collection by Date/Shift
  • Milk Collection by Date/Shift/Milk Type
  • Daily Milk receipt details by Society
  • Formats for Manual Cleaning, CAN Washer, CAN Scrubber, General House Keeping and Personal Hygiene
  • Daily Milk Receipt
  • Milk weight for a particular period by Route/Society
  • Milk Receipt for the period (cube format) by Milk Type
  • Last 3 years comparison of Average milk collection by Society
  • Milk collection for the Year by Month/Taluka/Society
  1. A unique sample number is auto generated for each milk collection entry
  2. Milk Testing supports automatic online capturing of FAT as well as manual entry of FAT measurement
  3. Based on FAT and LR value the SNF is auto calculated
  • FAT/SNF details by Date/Shift/ Unique Sample Number
  • FAT/SNF details for a particular period and by Society
  • Min-Max FAT/SNF details for a particular period by Society
  • Milk collection with testing details by Date/Shift/Route/Society
  • Print Milk Receipt Slip with testing details for every society
  1. Materials like ghee, seeds and minerals to the different societies and chilling centers is issued by the store department
  2. Animal Husbandry related services provided to a any of society members is recorded in this module
  3. An account of all the above mentioned activities is captured  in this module
  1. Issue details by Store/Society
  2. Monthly Sales Summary
  3. Monthly VAT Summary
  4. Various bill formats, detail and summarized reports based on the requirements for specific product
  1. Transaction for issue from store can be entered manually
  2. Other Debit/Credit transactions for each society like claim for poor quality of milk, rate difference & internal cartage can be entered manually
  3. Debit/Credit to the transporter can be entered
  4. Generate Credit bill for each society according to the rate chart with all credit/debit information displayed

Account Reports

  • Milk report by Route
  • Average Milk by Society
  • Milk Bill Report
  • Stock register by Item
  • Issue details by Society
  • Society Issue
  • Society Debit
  • Detail Report on specific ITEM based on the requirement
  • Total Debit/Credit summary
  • Milk Control Summary
  • Negative Payment Report
  • Contractor Claim
  • Contractor Claim Debit Note
  1. Data for department, designation & employee can be entered
  2. Parameters settings for MPO, QA/QC and Dock can be defined
  3. Create users and assign security/access for each user
  4. Facility to change password for each user
  5. Report listing for access rights assigned to each user
  1. Auto capturing of parameters from weight scale and FAT testing machines
  2. Software supports Encryption of data on the network. This ensures high security within the application environment
  3. Supports role based privileges and configurations
  4. Fully configurable time-outs, enabling the application to handle errors appropriately

Database Server:
Operating System: Windows Server 2000 or Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 or Linux
Database: Oracle 10G database

Web Server:
Operating System: Windows Server 2000 or Windows XP or Windows Server 2003
Other: Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), Oracle client, Crystal Report, Acrobat Reader, .Net framework 2.0 and AJAX Setup

Operating System: Windows Server 2000 or Windows XP or Windows Server 2003
Other: Acrobat Reader

Browser: Internet Explorer 6.0 with SP 1