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Products > IBBMS - Integrated Blood Bank Management System

The core activities of a Blood Bank include efficient administration of blood inventory and safe and timely delivery of blood to recipients. Applitech has developed an Integrated Blood Bank Management System (IBBMS) to automate the processes of a Blood Bank. The main purpose of this application is to:

  • Have a comprehensive system to meet the need for accurate administration of blood collection and processing
  • Provide unique identity to the samples with Barcode scanning devices
  • Allow multiple blood centers to access the centralized application IBBMS through transfusion module

The system facilitates the following activities:

Blood collection and donor database
A blood bank has a number of blood collection points. The system therefore provides consolidated and centralized database of donor and the donation with unique ID. This results in efficient archiving and quick retrieval of the updated information.

Blood testing and labeling
IBBMS provides a computerized database, which contains complete detail of the tested blood in a standard format. This reduces the probability of classification error and make information storage and retrieval fast and accurate. The labeling software labels the products or components. This helps in the proper classification and identification of the sample.

Requisition and Reservation of Blood
When the Blood Bank receives requisition for blood the system performs efficient matching of the patient's requirement and the blood available. This eliminates the probability of providing incompatible product to the receiver, the result of which may be fatal.

The system records the requisitions and supply of blood components and maintains the invoices. Other financial Transactions are also maintained by the system.

The main activities of Marketing include planning and organizing blood campaigns. The system generates analysis reports per drive and per campaign.

Purchase and Inventory
IBBMS automates the purchase process and maintenance of office inventory. It maintains the information about the stock levels and the expiry dates.

Human Resources
The system maintains the complete information about the employees. This vital information enables managers to determine the payroll and improve workforce productivity.


The system results in huge savings in terms of processing time and costs
The system improves the quality of patient care by ensuring immediate access to patient blood type and cross matching with the entire inventory
The system complies with the Food And Drugs Authority (FDA) standards
The system provides interface with sophisticated machines for getting accurate grouping and testing results
The system provides interface with sophisticated machines for getting accurate grouping and testing results