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Universal SCADA Engine (USE)
Applitech has developed the Universal SCADA Engine (USE) based on using industry standard Modbus messaging. The Universal SCADA Engine allows our customers to read and write to 150 Modbus slave devices, each with different Modbus communications parameters.  This finally provides our customers with a no hassle way to get information from and control their existing or new Modbus devices.

AI Series Pump Controller (AIPC)
Appiltech’s AI Series Intelligent Pump Controller (AIPC) is an off-the-shelf pump controller ready to meet your pumping needs with no programming required and is SCADA ready.  Install it, configure it for your application using the built-in HMI, and you are up and running.  All AIPC components are top quality proven off-the-shelf industrial control products.  Therefore, there is no reliance on custom proprietary equipment, making long-term maintenance support easy and reliable.

Power Management System (PMS)
Applitech’s Power-IT solution provides a far-reaching, state of the art, efficient and reliable Power Management System (PMS) that not only caters to the industry’s needs but also deliver a product that excels industry requirements.  Our Power Management System fully interacts with the existing power grid system to strengthen the outage management and load shedding activities. It serves as a backbone to business planning and performance, and decision-making processes.

Remote Telemetry Units (RTU's)
Applitech is pleased to present our latest advancement in digital RTU Technology; our “Satellite” Series of high-speed Remote Terminal Units (RTU’s).  Our new Satellite modular RTU’s have been designed to meet any customer’s requirements for advanced remote control and monitoring capabilities.  In order to maximize your RTU investment, this modular product line can be configured with all standard network communication protocols; including high-speed Wireless & Fiberoptic Ethernet, DNP3.0, industrial radio transceivers/repeaters (for both licensed RF frequencies or spread spectrum applications), dial-up/leased telephone line modems, and RS232/RS422/RS485 serial ports.

Electrical Utility SCADA (eSCADA)
Appiltech has provided a wide range of SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) Systems for private, commercial, and municipal Electrical Utilities. Our Electrical Utility SCADA Systems have significantly improved the performance & reliability of many electrical generation facilities and distribution systems throughout the world.  Our control engineers have developed a wide range of automation solutions, which have been individually optimized to meet the specific needs of each of our electrical utility clients.