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eComSupplier - Communications Management for Oil & Gas Suppliers
eComSupplier provides an Enterprise level, data-hosting technology platform for powering private trading hubs to connect suppliers with downstream petroleum stakeholders. Truly a next generation customizable ASP-hosted solution, eComSupplier captures and delivers critical transaction data that is essential for driving supply chain management and optimization for Oil & Gas Companies to e-enable their global supply chains.

eComDistributor - Communications Management for Oil & Gas Distributors
eComDistributor provides a robust web-based eBusiness management tool that has been designed specifically to manage all aspects of fuels and lubricant product sales and services. This eNucleus platform is the perfect vehicle for distributors to provide a branded ecommerce platform to their customers. Distributors can provide online ordering of fuels and lubricants with customer-specific pricing accessible only via secure login, as well as easy access to MSDS and product information sheets, and other complimentary services.

FuelPilot - Online Fuels Management for Commercial & Retail Industries
The Applitech FuelPilot program provides commercial industrial and large retail industries with a streamlined, consolidated solution to manage all activities associated with purchasing, storing and delivering fuel. The system delivers the tools and functionality to truly optimize and manage fuel inventories and deliveries, while minimizing associated costs. From the import of supplier pricing and message feeds to management of tank inventories, dispatch and reconciliation, FuelPilot can handle just about any fuel management need.

eLabTracker - Online Data Management for Equipment Oil Analysis
The Applitech eLabTracker Oil Analysis Data Management program provides users with the tools and functionality for effectively managing equipment oil analysis online. And, because it’s data source independent, eLabTracker allows you to use virtually any oil analysis laboratory (internal or commercial) or on-site testing equipment and import the results for display in a standardized format. The program also offers graphing and trending capabilities, and provides robust reporting and query functionality for generating management reports.