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“If you don’t auction your incumbent you are leaving savings on the table”

Applitech’s Procure-IT, e-Procurement suite allows organizations to reduce costs and increase efficiency in the supply chain by interacting with suppliers to buy products and services online.  Every aspect of transactional purchasing, from sourcing through to tendering, supplier evaluation, contract award and payment can be carried out electronically.  A library of comprehensive and instant management reporting facilities are available for greater financial control, improved transparency and openness. These features help uses make ‘informed’ decisions.

The Procure-IT suite uses electronic methods in every stage of the purchasing process from identification of requirement through to payment, and potentially to contract management.  The e-Auctions module of the Procure-IT suite is a powerful web based online procurement tool that enables efficient, open and transparent bidding between pre-qualified suppliers competing on lowest price.

Procure-IT provides catalysts for enabling efficiencies in the procurement process on both the buy and supply sides in order to take costs out of the supply chain. The Procure-IT electronic tools facilitate improved Value for Money (VFM) by providing:

  • internal process efficiencies, freeing up staff time to be spent on value-added activities
  • efficiencies on the supply side reducing the suppliers’ process costs and, ultimately, prices charged.

Procure-IT will enable these critical benefits within a controlled environment and provide a full and transparent audit trail.

  • Electronic Requisition
  • Electronic Contract Management
  • Electronic Request for Quotation
  • Electronic Forward Auction
  • Electronic Reverse Auction
  • Electronic Catalogues
  • Electronic Rate Contract
  • Electronic Purchase Order
  • Self Billing
  • Online Payment Processing
  • Helps promote increased supplier competition in the marketplace for the delivery of goods and services to Departments and Agencies
  • is a subset of the e-Procurement process, providing its strategic context and informing the subsequent operational phase
  • Standardized contracts
  • Volume discounts
  • Reduction in suppliers
  • Enhanced Suppliers relationship
  • Reduced tender cycle-time
  • Fast and accurate pre-qualification and evaluation, which enables the automatic rejection of suppliers that fail to meet the tender specification
  • Faster response to questions and points of clarification thru online meetings during the tender period
  • Reduction in the labor intensive tasks of receipt, recording and distribution of tender submissions
  • Reduction of the paper trail on tendering exercises, reducing costs to both buyers and suppliers
  • Improved audit trail increasing integrity and transparency of the tendering process
  • Improved quality of tender specification and supplier response
  • Provision of quality management information

System Strengths:

  • The only e-Procurement suite developed using Free and Open Source Software's (FOSS)  like J2EE /Linux /MySQL which means: More secure and Low deployment cost
  • Only e-Proc Application that supports JAVA based PKI Signer
  • Supports all CA’s Digital Certificate of different classes
  • The only e-Procurement solution that supports all browsers
  • Dynamic & Flexible application with inbuilt workflow
  • Available on Windows/Linux operating system

Incumbents who took part in e-auctions dropped to their bottom line price 86.1% of the time. 5.6% of the time they stopped above their walk away price, 8.3% even went below their walk-away price.


Completely Automated Process
Shortens Procurement Cycle
Economical and Environment Friendly
Greater Transparency 
Improvement in work culture within departments
System aided Evaluation process
On the fly reports/comparatives statement
Minimize Human errors
Minimal Storage Spaces
Change in Perception – Progressive Organization
Lesser hassle of communication & dministration