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The “Mariner” RTU Family

For slightly larger applications (up to 256 I/O points) or installations with extremely harsh environments (i.e.; those requiring extended temperature operation up to 70 Deg.C and high-humidity locations which need conformal coating); Applitech is pleased to offer the “Mariner” RTU family.   Capable of performing all of the functions/features of the low-cost “Pioneer” series, our “Mariner” RTU product line has the following additional capabilities:

  • Extended temperature support for harsh environments:
    -40 to 70 Deg.C
  • Conformal Coatings available for High-Humidity Applications
  • GPS time synchronization can be provided for time critical applications;
  • such as electrical substation monitoring & control installations.
  • Special Function software program loadables can be provided for many
  • industry specific applications, such as the AGA-approved gas flow calculation for gas distribution companies.
  • Long-term data registers can be logged to a removable 4 MB PCMCIA
  • memory card.
  • To support unsolicited messaging and “report by exception” functions the

“Mariner” RTU can be re-configured by its internal software application to act as a Modbus Master or Slave without re-starting the CPU processor. This unique feature is only available in Modicon PLC’s and significantly enhances RTU system performance and capabilities.

  1. Special Function software program loadables can be provided for many industry specific applications, such as the salt water disposal (SWD), Net Oil Analyzation (NOA), and AGA-approved gas flow computer solutions.
  2. Once again, it is important to mention that the same three programming  languages, which can be used on the “Pioneer” series also function equally well with the larger “Mariner” family of RTU products.

Once again, all of our RTU’s can be provided in the specific NEMA rated enclosure and materials of construction required by the end-customer’s application.  The “Mariner” RTU product line has been particularly useful in solving the functional requirements of oil & gas production/transport companies, hazardous chemical storage facilities, and electrical substation monitoring/distribution applications.  For standard installations, the “Mariner” is typically recommended for installations requiring less that 512 I/O points per RTU and any extremely harsh environments that require extended temperature operation or high-humidity conformal coating.   For larger RTU applications we offer our flagship product line, the “Voyager” RTU series.



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