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Applitech aspires to improve the quality and standards of mapping and promote use of geographical information systems to efficiently capture and analyse information to take well-informed decisions. Applitech is committed to providing valuable information and to bring accurate maps and geographical databases to the masses through its technical and information-based services.

Since its inception, Applitech has been working in close collaboration with its clients including various Government Departments to develop solutions specific to the needs and practices. Applitech has established strong relationships with various public and private organizations sharing similar ideologies. Through thorough understanding of the subject areas and determination to deliver quality product, Applitech has created its niche in the world of GIS and remote sensing.

Applitech is determined to contribute to the discourse of remote sensing and GIS in India. Within a short period of just four years, Applitech has some of most innovative and successful projects under its belt.

Applitech provides digital mapping services ranging from cadastral and regional mapping to satellite image analysis and utility mapping. For effective use of geographic information systems and digital database, Applitech provides application development and training services that include development of custom-designed applications, installation of geographic information systems and development and training of in-house personnel to manage the system.

Services Provided

GIS Services
Effective geographic information systems are now universally acknowledged to be necessary for meaningful decision making for a very wide variety of administrative and business functions. Applitech provides clients with precisely customized total solution in setting up highly flexible and intelligent geographic information systems using state of the art technology. Applitech draws on a pool of experts from diverse professional backgrounds to study and analyze institutional requirements to provide highly specific and effective geographic information systems to the clients.

Geographical Database Management
Systematically organized geographical databases with effective systems for access and periodic updating are crucial to the functioning of any administrative or commercial organization. Applitech assists clients with setting up relational database and creating effective systems to analyse and utilize information in an easy and meaningful manner. It also provides clients with cost effective data warehousing facilities.

Remote Sensing Services
Remote Sensing information is very useful for study of natural resources and developmental activities and for monitoring changes. High-resolution satellite images are useful for Regional and Urban level studies. Applitech provides Remote Sensing Services that ranges from procuring satellite images of appropriate season to registration and mosaicing of satellite images, digital and manual interpretation of satellite images, analyses of information and preparation of maps.

Digital Mapping
Mapped information can be crucial to effective decision-making. Seamless digitized maps afford high flexibility, are easily altered/updated, can be easily integrated with geographic data. Digitized maps are the first building blocks of effective geographic information systems. Applitech provides digital mapping services that range from digitization/correction of existing maps (using satellite images) to preparation of customized maps using fresh surveys.

Access to accurate information of various types is essential for effective governance, planning and management. Applitech provides clients with a wide variety of precision surveying services, using Global Positioning Systems and Total Station. Applitech has highly experienced surveying professionals in its core team. Applitech’ project experience ranges from detailed surveys for Town Planning Schemes covering about one square kilometer to regional level surveying covering hundreds of square kilometers of land area.

Development and Training
The use of geographic information systems and digital databases is crucially dependent on any administrative or business organization having in-house facilities for access to information and its periodic updating. Applitech assists clients with installing geographic information systems in their organization and developing and training client staff for managing them.